Sunday, January 15, 2017

Deleting Blog Posts

I have printed my blog entries! From 2007 to January, 2016 when I stopped blogging.  This way, I'll have all the entries saved to look at in the future.  The books are terrific and I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  They are hardcover and even come with an index at the front.  Very easy to make too. I used Blogs2Print if anyone interested in printing their own blogs to save.  

I will delete all my old blog entries now but keep the blog up as it has addresses of blogs I continue to follow.

Blogging got ruined for me!  I decided to make my life a little more personal. When I started out, not too many people visited my blog, mainly friends.  Over time, as my running picked up, fellow runners started following the blog as well.  That was all great.

Then I became aware of some visits that weren't as welcome. Creepy to be honest.  So that's when I decided to stop putting my life out there.  

It's unfortunate, as I go back over the entries and read them it's a great source of information and memories.  

I have continued to write race recaps though, I just do it on a word document and stable it to the Race Bib.  

So for now I'll say farewell.  Maybe to return, but probably not. I'm on facebook though if anyone wants to connect. I'll accept people I recognize from the blog (so send a note with your blog name if it's not recognizable).  My Facebook is under Robin (Chisholm) Brunet.

I wish you all the best, even the creepy stalker, everyone deserves happiness I guess.  Just stop sucking the happiness out of others to get yours.....and that's not just my happiness I'm referring to.

Ok farewell everyone!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that blogging got ruined for you :(
    What a shame about the creepers.

    Blogs2Print sounds like a really awesome idea though!! What a great way to "take it offline"

  2. That's a really cool book. I'm going to have to check that out. It's so unfortunate about the creepy visitors. I had a visitor like that awhile back and I essentially sent him an email and called him out on it, because I knew who it was. Never again did he come back. Anyway, it's great you blogged for as long as you did and have these memories in a keepsake.

  3. That's a cool idea about printing out the blog. I thought there was a way to make your blog private, but having a hard copy works as well.

    I was wondering why you hadn't updated in awhile. Sorry to hear.

  4. I hope you will come back to Bogland

  5. Going to catch you in Facebook......

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